In Store & Content Requirements

Wi-fi Requirements

Our Retail Display System runs high-quality media and content, therefore a strong Wi-Fi connection is required for all devices (media players).

Please note that if you have a slower connection the content will take longer to load.

Please see below our suggested system requirements:

  • 4 to 10Mbps line
  • ADSL, Fibre or Wireless

Most retailers will already have an active internet connection, however, this connection needs to be distributed via Wi-Fi to the store floor so that it can reach the media players.

We suggest you use a Ubiquity PicoStation connected to your existing network to distribute Wi-Fi to the Media Players.

For further information and questions please contact our Network Administrator:

Etzard Strydom
Network Administrator
079 893 9156

Electrical Requirements

Once a site check has been completed, and the designated area allocated for the devices, it will be the store's responsibility to ensure that there is power available in the allocated area, as well as two(2) two-prong double adaptors, as both the tv and the media player have two-prong plugs.

Content Requirements

Ad.Space Media has its own digital graphic design division as well as application developers on staff.

We realize that the creation of content for our digital media format is different from static or traditional media content, and this content should be project-specific, purpose-built and proven to ensure maximum exposure and engagement; thus driving your brand and your products.

We will gladly assist you with a content and design strategy to ensure you make optimal use of our system.

If you would like Ad.Space Media to generate your advertising content the following is required:

  • Hi-Res (above 1024 x 768 dpi) JPEG/PNG; Editable PDF or AI File of your logo and/or product.

Should your brand already have in-house content (tv advert/promotional videos) you are more than welcome to supply your own content.

The following is required:

  • All designs, albeit a static image or moving media, need to be designed to fit a minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080 dpi with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Please note that a marginal cost will be charged to ensure that all media is suitable for the system and will be provided upon receipt of your requirements.

A Variety of Options to Choose From
A Variety of Options to Choose From

There are many communication options to choose from, including price, image, video, menu and text boards.

Fully Customisable to Store Requirements
Fully Customisable to Store Requirements

Our highly versatile display system can be changed daily to individual store requirements.

Affordable Monthly Plans
Affordable Monthly Plans

We have three Content Management Plans to choose from depending on your store’s requirements.

Get Started with Ease
Get Started with Ease

A strong wi-fi connection, electrical power availability and advertising content are three simple requirements to get started.

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