Welcome to Ad.Space Media

Ad.Space Media was the brain child of James Mattison - the founder of Mattison Grafix - a Port Elizabeth based signage company with 25 years of retail signage experience.

James realized the potential of digital media and in-store retail advertising for his clients, in order to push sales and margins and, equally as important, to hand the control of this advertising to the individual store owners. This allows them to not only control advertising content but creates a profitable revenue stream for these owners by allowing them to sell advertising space on local, regional or national level.

With the help of a team of software developers, the locally developed Ad.Player application was designed. After a year and a half of R&D and pilot store initiatives, Ad.Space Media fully entered the market in early 2016, providing services to multiple national and multi-national clients.

Ad.Space Media takes our corporate social responsibility very seriously and making use of our system will reduce, if not completely eliminate, the need for printed material as well as travel and delivery of these materials; thus reducing your carbon footprint and making a small, but meaningful contribution to saving our planet.

The Ad.Space Media team has grown since its inception and senior management now includes the former Treasurer of the ALTRON Group and a former Director of the US-based Fortune 500 Company AECOM; helping us drive our company into the future and ensuring sustainability.

The senior management team, along with our team of professional digital media graphic artists, IT specialist and program developers, strive towards building your brand and customer awareness of your products through the use of this specialized digital media advertising medium, custom made for the South African retail market.

We look forward to working with you and your team to unlock the potential of this exciting new project.

How It Works

In Three Easy Steps

Log In To the Portal

Log into the portal using your smartphone, computer or tablet: http://adman.adspacemedia.tv. Using the intuitive menu-driven ad manager you can add and create content.

Content On Server

This content will now be available on the server. Each device connects every 2 minute to the server through Wi-Fi, when the app detects that there has been new content loaded it will download the content and play it on the TV.

Media Player
A Variety of Options to Choose From
A Variety of Options to Choose From

There are many communication options to choose from, including price, image, video, menu and text boards.

Fully Customisable to Store Requirements
Fully Customisable to Store Requirements

Our highly versatile display system can be changed daily to individual store requirements.

Affordable Monthly Plans
Affordable Monthly Plans

We have three Content Management Plans to choose from depending on your store’s requirements.

Get Started with Ease
Get Started with Ease

A strong wi-fi connection, electrical power availability and advertising content are three simple requirements to get started.

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